Date: Thursday, 29th September from 15:00pm to 17:45pm. Friday, 1st October from 9:30am to 13:00pm.

Location: Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.

 Summary: Cesare Sangiorgi welcomed Project Officer and Project Consortium  at Bologna University. The Project Officer, Oscar Perez-Punzano thanked the Project Consortium for the invitation for the meeting and reviewed the objectives that the Research Executive Commission would like be achieved for the project. Project consortium welcomed Pavel Krivenko and thanked him for his attendance in the meeting. It was followed by a presentation from Project Coordinator João Castro Gomes on WP1 Coordination and management. Both Project Officer and Project Coordinator reiterated the importance of completing secondments according to schedule and to match up with the deliverables. Then, different presentations on the project progress for each work package were given by each work package leader. The progress presentation on WP3 Panel structural design was given by Szymon Dawczynski. Xiangming Zhou showed the research progress for WP4 Precast and ready mixes and Cesare Sangiorgi presented all research results related with WP5 Infrastructure in situ applications. Finally, project coordinator reviewed the achievements in WP2 Knowledge share and dissemination and relative progress on WP6 Integration of research results. In the second day meeting, first the secondees were individually interviewed by the Project Office. It was followed by several presentations on research activities carried on during secondments from seconded staff, namely: Gediminas Kastiukas (secondment in SOFALCA); Claudio Lantieri and Piergiorgio Tataranni (secondment in ALSITEK); Cesare Sangiorgi and Claudio Lantieri (secondment in SOFALCA); Olga Burgos (secondment in UBI) and Jorge Duran Suarez and Rafael Peralbo (secondment in ALSITEK). Afterwards, the Project Officer and Project Consortium gave a positive feedback on Project progress, secondments and other issues. Finally, the last part of the second day meeting was concluded by an open discussion on project management, and administrative issues as well on the difficulties to implement the project activities at each Institution.





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