Date: Thursday, 26th January from 14:00pm to 18:30pm.

Location: Michael Sterling Building, Brunel University, London, UK.

Summary:  Xiangming Zhou and Gedi Kastiukas warmly welcomed all project consortium staff members attending the meeting at Brunel University. Project coordinator João Castro Gomes recalled all members the need to update information in dropbox regarding research activities and results. Then, the project consortium reviewed the project progress and planned research activities. A template and first draft for 2nd year annual report was also reviewed. Then, project coordinator presented the secondments progress plan and recalled all members of consortium for updating blog posts. After, project consortium reviewed ongoing joint publications and planned new publications and joint reports based on secondments results. Finally, project consortium discussed different ideas for the implementation of the first REMINE International conference. Claudio Lantieri presented a detailed plan to host the conference at Bologna City/University. The consortium reflected on conference costs versus attractivness for researchers. Finally, after a long discussion, the coordinator and the members of the consortium decided on a solution for  the implementation of the conference.




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