This RISE programme has the following main cross-disciplinary and interconnected scientific and technological objectives:

  • Development of a high energy-efficient geopolymeric-based structural panel for building facades, and advanced experimental characterization of rheological, mechanical and physical properties;
  • Development of lightweight and fire resistant precast applications, combining mining waste mud and natural cork for artistic, architectural and historical heritage restoration;
  • Improving opportunities for reuse of mining wastes in pavements infrastructure and as pouring pavement materials for insitu application;
  • Integrate multi-disciplinary studies to turn mining waste into value materials, structural panels, precast applications, ready mixes, insituapplication, from processing and structural assessment, curing, encapsulation of heavy metals, to durability performance and the whole life-cycle aspects.

One innovative aspect of this project is to develop high energy-efficient geopolymeric-based materials incorporating cork granules to increase thermal insulation, reduce thermal conductivity coefficient, and also to reduce its weight, among other benefits.


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